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How much do you really know about Chocolate?  How is real Chocolate different from Candy bars?  Where does Chocolate come from?  How is it made?

Cacao, or Chocolate, is an ancient super food that can easily be inluded in any   Healthy Eating lifestyle.  Not all ingredients are created equal, and like anything, many manufacturers will jump on board the latest trends, hoping to capitalize on consumers who don't know the difference between Candy bars and the  Sacred Chocolate  that has been appreciated as a  medicinal food  for about 2,600 recorded years.  The  history of Cacao   and it's current political pressures are fascinating.

There some great reading when you discover why  Women and Chocolate  are such natural friends.

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Did You Know That

1    The Cacao tree's botanical name is Theobroma Cacao, which means "food of the gods"
2    Chocolate is the only food that melts in your mouth and on your hands
3    Hawaii is the only US state that grows cacao beans.
4    Cacao fruit produces Cacao pods from which Chocolate is made.
5    Each Cacao pod is roughly the same size as a pineapple and contains 30-50 seeds.
6    It takes 400-500 seeds to make one pound of Chocolate
7    The seed pods of the cacao tree grow from the trunk and not on the branches.
8    The Cacao pods are full of  Cacao nibs  that are crushed to make unsweetened chocolate.
9    Cacao nibs can also be roasted or eaten as raw cacao
10    Cacao is generally sun dried for about a week in the country of origin before shipping to the chocolate manufacturer.
11    Indonesia, Ghana & The Ivory Coast of Africa are the largest producing Cacao countries.
12    Some of the finest Cacao is from Madagascar, but represents less than 1/2 percent of world Cacao production.
13    Cacao producing countries rarely eat chocolate because it's worth more as a commercial food.

14    Cacao is also produced in Central and South America.
15    Ecuador is the largest producer of flavored Cacao in the world.
16    The fragant and best Cacao comes from the Crillo Cacao tree.
17    Chocolate Liquor is the ground nib of the cacao bean.
18    Cacao beans are often fermented before becoming Chocolate.
19    Single-origin chocolate indicates that the cocoa beans used to produce the bar are from one region or country.
20     Single plantation Chocolate comes from a single plantation of quality Cacao beans.
21    When the cacao nibs are crushed, the fats are called  Cacao butter   and the solids are further ground into   cacao powder.
22    Organic Cacao is made from natural ingredients, without synthetic pesticides or GMO, and the farm is inspected to carry the Certified Organic label.
23    The first Chocolate bar was made in 1826 by an English company.
24    The Aztecs considered Cacao to be as precious as Gold and was used as a currency.
25    Doctors wisely suggested Chocolate for health purposes from 1650-1860.
26    Fair Trade Cacao or Chocolate means that the farmers and cacao workers are paid a fair price for their efforts rather than being exploited.  Fair Trade Certifications are determined by Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International.


27    Estimates are that 40-50 million people depend on Cacao for their living.
28    Quality Chocolate bars indicate the percentage of Cacao or Cocoa on their printed label.  The percentage refers to the total Cacao solids.
29    "Candy bars"  often don't have any Cacao or Chocolate in them.  Have you read the label on your favorite candy bar?
30    Due to the declining purchasing power of the dollar the prices of Cacao have been rising which means manufacturers will either raise their prices or manipulate the quality of their product.
31    The FDA regulates Chocolate standards only in interstate commerce, but has no authority over chocolate produced and sold within a state.
32    In November 1993 the FDA granted permission to two manufacturers to market  "chocolate"  that deviated from present standards for Chocolate products.  Those manufacturers were Hershey Foods Corp.  Hershey and by the Chocolate and the Manufacturers Association of the United States of America.
33    Part of the new "chocolate"  would substitute any vegetable oil for the Cacao Butter.  Chocolate fans raised an uproar and protests reached the FDA.  Don't mess with our Chocolate!
34    The January 1, 2004 FDA standards allow White Chocolate to contain only Cacao butter without Cacao solids.  It also contains carbohydrate sweeteners and other  "suitable"  ingredients but no Cacao solids.
35    Monsanto is determined to manufacture GMO Cacao, they will do this in the poorest countries first because they are unable to resist.
36    Soy Lecithin is often used to reduce the viscosity of chocolate.  It allows less amounts of Cacao butter to be used.  It makes the product cheaper to manufacture.  I do NOT eat any soy products, read why you might want to reconsider the wisdom of  Soy   in your foods.

37    US Consumers spend more than $7 billion a year on chocolate, with $1 billion in boxed chocolate sales sold between Thanksgiving and New Years.
38    US consumers indulge in 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate annually, representing nearly half of the world's supply.
39    US Annual per capita consumption of chocolate is 12 pounds per person.
40    US chocolate manufacturers use about 1.5 billion pounds of milk, behind ice cream and cheese industries.
41    92% of Americans prefer milk chocolate, but dark chocolate popularity is gaining quickly.
42    50% of women prefer Chocolate to sex.  What about a combination?
43    Cassanova enjoyed the aphrodisiac qualities of Chocolate.
44    The Aztecs considered Cacao's aphrodisiac effects too powerful for women to enjoy and were thus forbidden.
45    Spanish women were banned from Chocolate during high mass.  The bishop who ordered the ban was murdered by poison in a cup of chocolate.
46    US Astronauts take Chocolate into space with them.
47    Montezume is said to have drunk 50 cups of Cacao daily and had a huge harem.
48    Chocolate is the most craved food in the world.
49    50% of the population claim to be unable to live without Chocolate.  I fall in that catagory!
50    Chocolate has the highest source of magnesium of any other food.
51    60 Million Chocolate Rabbits are sold each year and 36 million boxes of Valentines Day Chocoalte.
52    Chloe Doutre Roussel, famous author of  The Chocolate Connoisseur:  For Everyone With a Passion for Chocolate is said to eat 450g/15.9 oz of Chocolate daily and is very fit and petite.
53    Cacao Butter  is wonderfully therapeutic for your skin, it melts and penetrates deeply, nourishing your skin.

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WARNING    Do NOT let your dogs or cat eat any chocolate, it is POTENTIALLY DEADLY!

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