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Chocolate skin care?  Why not?  Cacao  has more than 600 natural chemicals, 230 have known potential health benefits.  Cacao is Magnesium rich, a literal powerhouse of nutrients, including such as sulfur and calcium, which help support the heart, brain, muscles and bones.  While zinc, manganese, copper and help with tissue regeneration and cellular growth.

Not to mention how beneficial chocolate is for your mood!

Chocolate craving has a hedonistic appeal for the sensory characteristics, texture, aroma, taste and sensations.  Per ounce, would you believe the wonderful news that dark chocolate actually has MORE  antioxidants  than fruits, vegetables, tea or wine?

Cacao contains four times the levels of antioxidants as black tea.  It's true!

According to recent research and clinical trials at Cornell University, just 1.5 oz of dark chocolate has as many antioxidants as 5 oz. of red wine.

Chocolate Health Benefits For Skin

Chocolate skin care products offer an amazing selection of  Chocolate Massage Oils   Chocolate Body Butters, and there is an exciting growing trend in  Chocolate spa treatments  Chocolate facials and Chocolate massages.

The world is waking up to, and appreciating, Cacao as an amazing sacred food enjoyed for hundreds of years in the Americas.

Actually, evidence of Cacao is believed to date from 400 A.D., however recent Mayan discoveries in Belize indicate Cacao use as far back as 2,600 years.  Don't be confused into believing that the Hot Cocoa you find in the supermarket has any health benefits.  It's full of sugar and other synthetic chemicals and doesn't offer much in the way of antioxidant properties or flavonols, if any.

Sacred Cacao And Your Skin

     *   Richest source of magnesium of any other food
     *   Improved blood circulation
     *   Increased hydration
     *   Soothes and smooths the skin
     *   Provides UV protection
     *   Antioxidant rich to combat free radicals and cellular damage
     *   Helps with skin hydration, and what you apply to your skin benefits your entire body
     *   Vitamin rich in Vitamins A, B12, B Complex, D and E

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Chocolate Skin Therapy

Discover the incredible Choclate Alchemy for your entire body.
Your skin will feel smoother, rejuvenated and enriched.   Shop for yourself or a special friend.


Skin & Spa Therapy

Find enjoyable Chcoolate therapies for your skin and to create a spa environment     Skin & Spa Therapy...


Bathing In Chocolate

Find exquisite Handcrafted Chocolate Soaps, Shower Gels and more    Bathing In Chocolate...


Massage, Facials & Scrubs

Indulge your sensual side with soothing Chocolate skin applications for your entire body    Massage, Facials and Scrubs...


Luscious Chocolate Body Butters and Syrups

Panper your skin with Chocolate Body Butters and pure essential oils     Chocolate Body Butters...


Create your own Chocolate Facial & Scrub

Make luxurious Chocolate skin creations for yourself and friends using finest natural ingredients     Chocolate Facial & Scrub recipes...

WARNING    Do NOT let your dogs or cat eat any chocolate, it is POTENTIALLY DEADLY!

Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care

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