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Sailors Valentines

Hand written or commercial Valentine's day cards were popular and easily available in the early 1800s in North America.  The Sailor's Valentine was created by the lonley men at sea who missed their sweethearts.  The sailors learned various traditions from European merchant sailors.  Apparently European ladies were enthralled with sea shells, so the creative sailors made beautiful boxes that were decorated with tiny sea shells.  These lovely gift boxes could be used for personal necessities, sewing boxes or kept on display as a permanent reminder for her lover at sea.

Hunting for sea shells kept sailors busy while in port with more productive pursuits in their leisure time.  Instead of getting into trouble they would spend their time gathering adornments to use in their hand made crafts for their loved ones.  Barbados was one of the busiest sea ports and before long shell covered boxes became a cottage industry.  This freed the sailors from making their own adorned boxes, instead they could buy handcrafted items to bring home to his lady waiting at home.

These unique pieces of history are considered collectibles and many are on displays in museums.

                         ELF, the invisible health threat

                         Chocolate Fountains

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Romanicos Chocolate The Perfect Gift

The earliest Valentine's day poem still in existence, written by Charles, the French Duke of Orlean, to his wife during his idle time as a prisoner in the Tower of London.  This Valentine greeting belongs to the British Library collection in London.

Wilt thou be mine? dear love, reply
Sweetly consent, or else deny;
Whisper softly, none shall know,
Wilt thou be mine, love?   aye or no?

from Duke Charles of Orleans, Tower of London, England, 1415 A.D.

                         Chocolate Skin Therapy

                         Women and Chocolate

                         Chocolate and Bacon

A green smoothie looks so gorgeous!  It's green and fresh,you just know it's good for you.
The sweetness of fruit completely masks the natural bitterness of leafy greens in a green smoothie.
The more you add leafy greens to your diet with a green smoothie, the more you'll crave them.
Vitamix processing is the only way to get a consistently smooth, creamy and delicious green smoothie.
Enjoy making your own green smoothies with easy  "how-to"  green smoothie recipes below.
Get started making your own Green Smoothies

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