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Legend reveals that it was the sultry Goddess and Aztec beauty, Sephra, who bestowed the sacred gift of Cacao upon the Aztecs.  Sephra's spirit nurtured and fed the  Sacred Cacao  trees and it was believed that she lived within the Cacao beans.  Her voice was gentle, silky soft with a gentle aroma of Cacao.

The Aztecs called the Cacao tree, the  "Food Of the Gods"  it was so highly valued and reserved for royalty.  Cacao beans were used as a currency and to pay tribute to royalty and part of sacred, ceremonial offerings.  Legend holds that Montezuma had skilled artisans craft a temple to honor Sephra.  His hope was that Sephra would continue to bless his people with this priceless crop.  Montezume was a professed lover of Cacao, it is said that he drank 50 cups daily.  Likely those were diminutive cups, not super size.

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The King's gift so pleased Sephra that she appeared to him in a dream leaving the lingering scent of Cacao and the promise that she would forever inhabit the temple built in her honor.  The Temple Fountain began to flow with pure chocolate and it was viewed as a gift from the Creator.

Today  Chocolate Fondue and Fountains  can be found at many types of gatherings, from birthdays, to Valentines and Chocolate Themed Weddings.  But do you really needs an excuse for Chocolate?

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Legends are wonderful, but is there really anything as exciting as truly knowing about Chocolate?  If you're interested in learning more about Chocolate, or how to pair it with other food, you may enjoy these classes!  They make a great gift for a special friend who is ultra passionate about chocolate.

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